Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Optimizing Your Adsense Ads

I got a tweet from someone who doesn't seem to be making a lot of Adsense money. I took a look at their site and I only saw one line of text ads at the top of their site. If you want to earn a lot of Adsense money then you are going to have to optimize your site for Adsense. What that means is that you should use their limit of having three blocks of ads on your site.

Take a look at this blog and you will see 2 blocks of adsense ads on the side of this blog, plus their should be another block at the bottom of this blog. I have optimized this site as far as the adsense ads go and it is working well for me.

Of course it helps tremendously if your site has an interest to the people that are visiting it. The more interest in your site, the more potential Adsense money you will earn!

But in this particular case, if a lot of Adsense money then you have to optimize your site so that you can include as many Adsense ads as possible without making your site look too ad-driven.

You can use this blog as an example of a site / blog that has been optimized for Adsense.

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